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oliveCEPT® is an exciting and innovative olive paste processing system that improves the quality characteristics of the olive oil produced and at the same time increases the export yield of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)


These results are achieved with the method of electroporation known in biotechnology, i.e. the perforation of the oily cell membrane, applying pulsed electric fields or PEF (Pulsed Electric Fields) technology.

This is a mild non-thermal treatment that significantly enhances the effect of cold pressing while at the same time highlighting to the maximum the organoleptic characteristics of olive oil.

The Swedish publicly listed company OptiCept, Technologies AB, was the first to develop the system of applied technology CEPT® (Closed Environment PEF Treatment) which in a closed and controlled environment of continuous flow of olive paste applies short in duration (μsec to msec), but very strong electric pulses that break down the cell membrane and release the oil droplets while increasing the concentration of phenols and vitamins.


OliveCEPT® is a safe and user-friendly system, easy to install - 'plug & play' and energy efficient as it consumes only up to 5.2 kW of power.


The main parts of the system are the CEPT® v6 PEF Generator, the CEPT® Control control unit and the Booster Unit continuous operation chamber. It has Siemens PLC for processing all signals and complete equipment for system security control.

Olive Branch

+ 5 - 15% Increase in the production of extra virgin olive oil (PEPE)

The oliveCEPT® system offered an increase of between 5% and 15% in the production of extra virgin olive oil using the same amount of raw material.


Low Energy Consumption

The method is very energy efficient as it consumes only 5.2 kW of electricity


Better organoleptic characteristics

Best quality in taste, color and nutrients


Longer Shelf Life

Extended shelf-life leads to large savings in production and in distribution.


Cold pressing quality

The process does not produce significant heat


Less organic waste

As the method achieves a higher WFP we result in the production of less organic waste.

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